Currency Echange Center "Ligovskij"


Currency Exchange Center "Ligovskij" began its operations at 2, Ligovskij pereulok (12, Pushkin Street) in 1995. Our Exchange Center has always provided high quality services to St Petersburg residents and visitors in currency exchange and transfers with "Western Union" and "Unistream". Besides the two major currencies - Dollar and Euro, you can also exchange 18 other currencies. These include British Pound, Swedish Krone, Swiss Franc, Lithuanian Litas, Ukrainian Hryvnia, Norwegian Krone, Danish Krone, Czech Koruna, Japanese Yen, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Polish Zloty, Hungarian Forint, the Belarusian ruble, Bulgarian Lev, Chinese Yuan, Kazakhstani Tenge, Turkish Lira, South Korean Won, Indian Rupee and Singapore Dollar.

Currency Exchange Office Ligovsky offers you a favorable exchange rate of all currencies, guaranteed confidentiality and security.

We have 10 cash desks for our clients. We can change practically any amount of money of any currency you want.

Security guards and armored cars are available on request. Bookings by phone are valid for 1 hour, and can be prolonged by prior agreement. This service is free for transactions above 50 000 Euros or 70 000 Dollars. If the client does not show, the booking is closed and the payment is completed using the present currency.

In close cooperation with "Avangard Bank", one of the leading and most reliable banks in Russia, our clients can also:

  • Open or close current accounts
  • Issue statements
  • Pay deposit
  • Write out tickets